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I love reading these kinds of books as a parent because the writing is rich with vocabulary and images, plus when the girls saw the illustrations, they were intrigued.


Lavishly and beautifully illustrated...


...enjoyable to older and younger audiences.


Absolutely a wonderful children's book!


The illustrations are magical and the message...will be carried for a lifetime.


...well thought out story...very young very old adults...


...will naturally create repeat performances ad infinitum!


This book has provoked the most interesting conversations I have had with my kids...


...the sweetest book I have come across...


...underlying message of persistence and subsequent success will be lasting...


I appreciate the amount of detail that went into the book...the font...multi-colored pages...decorative touches.


Received your package today and your book is *wonderful* or I should say *wonder-filled*, beautiful story and graphics! Your book is gorgeous inside and out… instant classic...


Reviews in Full


~ Our 3 yr old daughter Fleur is completely taken with Fenella, and wants it read to her every night. She has always struggled with water, for whatever reason… we bought these Speedo floats which strap around her and sit on her back. Anyway, she suddenly says she is Fenella with wings and she is going to swim! Within an hour she is floating and now it is always about Fenella, every time she swims or tries to without the floats, she says she needs wings, but one day will be able to take them off.
Today she WAS Fenella, zooming around on her bike, feeling the wind and calling herself Fenella. People cannot believe she is 3 and rides without stabilisers, but she says Fenella can do it and so can she!
F. Salbany




Received your package today and your book is *wonderful* or I should say *wonder-filled*, beautiful story and graphics! Your book is gorgeous inside and out… I gave a Fenella magnet to a little friend of mine and she was enchanted with the picture...told her the book is a must have.

Michelle Korkut

St. Croix Watersports

US Virgin Islands


I wanted to write and tell you about how your book is helping my Grandson, Bryce who is 10 years old.  He has been recently diagnosed with ADD.  I purchased and had you mail your book, Fenella, to his Dad’s home in Wisconsin in November, ..His Dad has shared with me that when Bryce is reading Fenella it seems to calm him and focus him, and he sits and contemplates the story as he re-reads it. Bryce is a child who has an above average IQ and reads at junior high school level and loves to read.

Bryce has now insisted it become the coffee table book, and he reads it each time he is at his Dad’s.  I truly feel that this book has helped him to see that even though he may be different then his class mates in how he learns in the world, due to the luck of the draw, that he is loved for who he is, that he is not a failure due to his disorder that unfortunately had been somewhat overlooked due to his parents divorcing over the past eighteen months. 

As we all know, the kids are the ones who suffer the most during times of dissolutions and sometimes they too feel like they may have somehow created the situation.  I think that Fenella also shows kids that there are so many out there willing to help and to share how they learned to “fly”, and there is not just one way of learning in the world  and that he related to that as well.

I would so recommend this book to all parents, therapists and for doctors to put in their waiting rooms for kids to read and relate to!

Thanks for such an insightful book on so many levels!


Jessica Lynn

California, USA


I am so impressed by this well thought out story of a young fairy who doesn't quite fit the mold of what she feels she "should" be. This story talks to very young children all the way up to very old adults. It touches various topics near to most everyone's heart such as fear, embarrassment, courage, practice, sadness and joy, fitting in, bullying (by other fairies who made fun of her for not being able to fly), dreams, goals, unconditional love, and discovering who you really are. The illustrations are beautiful and different from "typical" children's books. This book just has a great feel and energy about it! It has become a favorite in our house of ages 3, 6 and 30 something year-old's!

Ashley B.



Bought for a little girl for Christmas who absolutely loves and adores the whole fantasy fairy world where Fenella lives, I know this will bring tremendous wonder and joy now and in the future for her. Lavishly and beautifully illustrated by Ditte Gade, for what was originally a bedtime story created by the talented Danish-born author, Susannah Cord for her niece, it is very obvious to the adult reader/bedtime story-teller how big an influence fellow Danish-born Hans Christian Andersen has been on her early life growing up originally in Denmark, but the underlying message of persistence and subsequent success will be the lasting and delightful impression for the reader. More importantly though, it's a children's book that will enjoyed so much it will naturally create repeat performances ad infinitum ( you know how it is when they like something! ;D)

"Fenella The Fairy" is destined to become as famous as "The Ugly Duckling", "The Emperor's New Clothes", and "The Princess and the Pea" let me assure you. I sincerely hope Susannah publishes further stories in the future. If they're half as good as this, my credit card will be waiting.




Recently purchased this book for my niece. It came quickly and I couldn't help but give it a quick read before wrapping it for the Christmas season. Great book, excellent story, wonderful graphics. Definitely a cut above the rest.

C. Sakoutis



I normally don't write reviews - but this one I feel compelled to write. Fenella is just the sweetest book I have come across and being a mum of a 9-year old and a 12-year old as well as being very avid readers - I have come across quite a few. Fenella is not just wonderful entertainment, but also stays with you and makes you wonder and marvel about life. As such it is actually quite a deep book - but of course the kids don't think about it that way. This book has provoked the most interesting conversations I have had with my kids. I have done something, I've never done before - I have actually purchased a big stack of this book, because this is the most perfect gift I can think of. As you've already guessed: I highly recommend this book.




I recently received a copy of this wonderful book and am thrilled with it; my daughter is a little young for the words, but adores the beautiful illustrations. The story is not only delightful, but also tells a gentle, but very important message for all children to learn - keep trying and you will eventually succeed. I would really recomend this lovely book for children of all ages - even really quite old ones!!




Fenella is a delightful read for all ages. So far I have sold over 14 books and the children love Fenella. Some of the parents have come back buying more books for other children. The illustrations are beautiful, the story is touching and inspiring. I appreciate the amount of detail that went into the book, including the choice of font, the multi-colored pages, and the decorative touches. I look forward to reading more Fenella stories in the future!






This is the book I would buy immediately if I could find it in a bookshop. It is so beautiful that I feel like reading it immediately to a child and leave it for a child to "feel" its beauty. I still remember the pleasure of opening a beautiful book when I was a child. These are the memories which will never go away. This one will have a place of honour amongst the Christmas decorations this year. Is there anything more beautiful than the Christmas world for a child? I always put children's books with beautiful illustrations, some of them from the classics, amongst the Christmas decorations. This book will be there. Can you see me reading Fenella's story to the grandchildren? Thanks so much...

L. Salbany

South Africa