There is currently one Fenella story available in four formats. Susannah is developing several sequels so check back often for updates. Be sure to listen to the soundbites from the Audio book below!

Fenella's Fables

Collector's Hardcover w/ Dustjacket


With only a few left of this luxurious first edition of Fenella, the hardcover edition of Fenella is exquisite and fine enough to present as a coffee table book. Hardcover, dustjacket, special design details and different color pages throughout make for a visual journey along with the story itself.  Click on the white Add To Cart button below to order it signed for an extra, personal touch. You can have the book personalized by entering your name in the “note to seller” box before you go to the checkout.



Fenella in Paperback


The paperback version of Fenella, with all the original illustrations and charm at a lower price.


Fenella, the eBook


Fenella for your electronic reader, be it Kindle, iPad etc. The story and illustrations in full.


The Fenella Audio Book


The audio book. Available as a download and on CD. Read by author Susannah Cord with music by Susannah Cord and classically trained, Grammy nominated composer and musician, Dave Alexander. Click on the white button to order CD.


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Opening Paragraph.

Mademoiselle Butterfly


Fenella's Song