Meet the Author

 and Illustrator of Fenella,

Susannah Cord


Ditte K. Gade


Susannah Cord

Susannah Cord was raised in Denmark, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Susannah is a lifelong horsewoman, writer and amateur nature photographer. She was a longtime contributor to online global publication, Horses For LIFE Magazine, with her popular column, Riding By Torchlight.


Susannah is also the author of Seeds of Change, Tips For Expectant Writers, The Little Book of Scattered Thoughts, and the illustrated children’s book, Fenella, A Fable of a Fairy Afraid to Fly. Susannah is the author of the blog The Torchlight Chronicles where she writes about life, horses and everything in between.


Her new book, Each Wind That Blows, the story of the horseback safari with Offbeat Safaris in Kenya that changed her life, came out in January 2015.


As a devoted Classical Horsemanship rider and trainer, Susannah on occasion rides for the Foundation for Classical Horsemanship. Susannah lives in North Carolina in the heart of East Coast horse country with her horses, dog, cats and, she suspects, a fairy or two.


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Ditte K. Gade

As a child, Ditte, aka DeeDee,  was fascinated by the art of drawing, and early in life she decided that this was what she wanted to do for a living. She received various sorts of drawing lessons, however, she ended up becoming her own guide out in the world of drawing.
  After she finished high school, she started at the academy of dreams: the animation school "The Animation Workshop", which is situated in Viborg, Denmark. At this place, a world of opportunities that was bigger than she had imagined, opened up for her. She had to work hard, for there were a lot of extremely talented students at that school.
  It was during her time at the school, that DeeDee was contacted by Susannah who wanted her to illustrate "Fenella the Fairy". And as DeeDee has always been very fond of fairies and fantasy, she gladly accepted the challenge. She had illustrated a few things before, so this task wasn't completely new to DeeDee.
  After her time at The Animation Workshop, she had her "first" real job with two of Denmark's great comic strips creators, "Wulffmorgenthaler", who were about to create an animated sitcom called "The Pandas".
  Afterwards DeeDee had short term animation jobs along with her freelance jobs of doing illustrations and animation.
  During these years DeeDee also created her own projects, which among others resulted in her own short movie "An Orphanage", a film based on an old radio clip from the fifties. The film ended up being nominated for an award at a danish film magazine, and DeeDee could now call herself a director.
  Today DeeDee works with computer games at a company called "Moviestar Planet", which is also the name of the very computer game.
  DeeDee still makes freelance projects and of course her own projects alongside her full time job, as there are still plenty of good stories out there to tell.


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